Our publication scheme describes and categorises information routinely available from the Council. It has been developed to give the community greater access to information held by Barcaldine Regional Council.

Information is grouped and accessible through seven classes:

  1. About Us - Who we are and what we do;
  2. Our Services - Services we offer;
  3. Our Finances - Financial and non-financial performance information;
  4. Our Priorities - What our priorities are and how we are doing;
  5. Our Decisions - How we make decisions;
  6. Our Policies - Our policies and procedures; and
  7. Our List - List and registers.

About Us

The Barcaldine Regional Council is a new Local Government organisation formed from the Queensland Government's decision to amalgamate shires across the state in 2007. This new Council is made up of the former shires of Aramac, Barcaldine and Jericho including the towns of Alpha, Aramac, Barcaldine, Jericho and Muttaburra. The Barcaldine Regional Council covers an area of 53,677 square kilometers and has an estimated population of 3503 people.


Councillors as elected representatives have a responsibility to ensure that the council delivers high quality services in an effective and efficient manner and that its goals are achieved through collabration with government, industry and community stakeholders and close involvement with their community.

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Organisation Structure

Download Council's Organisational Structure

Annual Report

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Local Government Act

The principal piece of legislation which provides the legislative framework for council is the Local Government Act 2009. The Act provides council with autonomy and flexibility while requiring accountability for its performance Local Government Act 2009.

Our Services

This section contains information about the services the council provides.

  • Arts and Cultural Services
  • Children and Family
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Community facilities
  • Community Health
  • Community Services
  • Construction and Maintenance
  • Corporate Services
  • Customer Service Centres
  • Environmental Health
  • Human Resources
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Library Services
  • Local Laws and Animals
  • Planning and Development
  • Technical Services
  • Waste
  • Water 

Our Finances

This section provides financial information about the council's projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, tenders and financial audit.

Our Priorities

The priorities of the Barcaldine Regional Council. Our annual report, corporate and operational plans.

Our Decisions

Council functions and powers are dependent on State Government legislation. The Local Government Act 2009 and other legislative provisions clearly define the powers and responsibilities of council.

Council has no authority in regard to matters falling outside the mandatory or discretionary powers conferred by the legislation. Council is vested with a variety of specific powers to control, regulate, license or prevent and prohibit the matters deemed relevant to a local authority. These powers are administered through local laws adopted by council.

Local Laws

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Meetings of Council

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The Chief Executive Officer has the delegated authority of council to make decisions on a number of specified matters, in particular of an administrative nature. In turn, the Chief Executive Officer has delegated a number of these powers to specified staff. Delegations are recorded in a Register of Delegations which is open for inspection at the Office of the Chief Executive Officer at 71 Ash Street, Barcaldine.

Code of Conduct for Councillors

G023 BRC Policy - Councillor Code of Conduct - Amended 16 December 2020

Our Policies

View Council's Policies

Our Lists

Lists and registers that we are required to hold by law: Section 534(1)(d) of the Local Government Act 2009 requires Council to report "a list of registers kept by it and open to inspection". You can ask for more information about our public registers by contacting the Barcaldine Adminstration Office. A sample of our public registers, open to inspection are (examples below):

  • Council's business entities
  • Councillors' register of interests
  • Subordinate local laws (local law policies)
  • roads register
  • delegations (by Council and by CEO)
  • enterprises
  • electoral gifts
  • regulatory fees