An animal permit is required for the keeping of the following species or breed of animal in a designated town area:-

  • Horse or Donkey - 1 (one) (including weanling) over the age of 6 months per allotment
  • Cow or Bull - 1 (one) (weanling cow) over the age of 6 months per allotment
  • Sheep, Goat, Alpaca or Llama - 1 (one) over the age of 6 months per allotment (2000m²)
  • Deer - 1 (one) over the age of 6 months per allotment
  • Ostrich or Emu - 1 (one) bird per allotment


  • Minimum Allotment Size is 4000m² (unless otherwise stated for a particular animal)
  • Animal enclosures (stables, kennels, cages etc) does not constitute having approval to keep an animal on your property 
  • Permits are required for animals within the designated Animal Control area (regardless of the zoning of land) 

To apply for a permit, download the form below.

For more information on the Keeping of Animals, please refer to Barcaldine Regional Council's Local Laws No. 2 (Animal Management) 2011

Did you know that there are the minimum standards for the keeping of animals in the Barcaldine Regional Council area?

  • The animal must be adequately identified so that the owner's name, address and telephone number are readily ascertainable;
  • Ensure that waste waters from enclosures are drained in a nuisance free manner and the run-off is kept off adjoining premises;
  • You must remove daily excrement, food scraps and other waste that is likely to become offensive and dispose of it;
  • An enclosure of appropriate size for the animal must be provided; suitably fenced to prevent theanimal from wandering or escaping, well maintained and cleaned regularly;
  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent the animal from making a noise or disturbance that causes a nuisance.


Application for Keeping of Animals Form