Under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 all dogs in Queensland over the age of 12 weeks must be registered with your Local Government. The only exception are those dogs that fall under the description of "working dogs".

Desexed and microchipped dogs are eligible for a Lifetime registration fee. Registrations claiming the desexing and microchipping discount, will require evidence to be attached to the registration application. However, owners do have the option of only registering a desexed and microchipped dog for 1 year - must be indicated on the registration form.

Registration period:

  • 1 year - 1 July to 30 June; renewal notices are sent in July each year
  • Lifetime - for the life of the dog

A Registration Form can be downloaded below. Complete the registration form and submit with relevant paperwork. Upon paymet of hte application fees, you will be given an identification tag for you to place on your dog's collar. Please ensure that the tag remains fitted at all times, as a dog seen without it's identification tag is deemed "unregistered" and treated as such. Replacement tags are available for purchase from Council Administration Offices for a small fee. 

Registration fees are listed on the registration form or please refer to the Barcaldine Regional Council Register of Fees and Charges (https://www.barcaldinerc.qld.gov.au/downloads/file/2281/2023-2024-register-of-fees-and-charges)

Payment Options

By Mail - cheques or money orders can be posted to PO Box 191, Barcaldine QLD 4725

In Person - at any Barcaldine Regional Council Administration Office 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday with Cash, Cheque or Eftpos Card (Credit Cards incur a 1% surcharge fee)

Number of Animals Permitted?

In accordance with Barcaldine Regional Council Local Law, residents can keep two (2) dogs and two (2) cats per residence. Any resident wishing to keep more than this allowed number need to make an application to Council (Permit Application Fee does apply). An Application for Approval for Keeping of Animals can be downloaded below.  For more information on keeping cats and dogs, please click on the following links;Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) 2011 and the associated Subordinate Local Law No. 1.5 (Keeping of Animals).

Due to the large number of dog complaints, Council has resolved to reduce the permitted number of dogs per household (except units) within the designated town areas of the Council to two (2) – effective 19 April 2017.

Breeding of Dogs

Queensland Government has introduced laws to promote responsible breeding of dogs, these laws apply to any dog born on or after 26 May 2017. A person who sells, advertises or gives away a dog, must have a Supply Number. The Supply Number allows the person who bred a dog to be contacted. For more information visit the Queensland Governments website.

Cat Registration

From October 2013, cats no longer are required to be registered with Council.


Cats and Dogs born before 1st July 2010 do not need to be microchipped, only those born or transferred after this date will need to be microchipped. You can have your animals microchipped by a Registered Vet or an approved Microchipper after 8 weeks of age. From 1st July 2010, microchipping is mandatory for all:

  • cats and dogs after they reach 12 weeks of age
  • cats and dogs that have changed ownership i.e. have been either sold or given away
  • declared regulated dogs i.e. restricted, dangerous dogs and menacing dogs

Dangerous Dogs

If your dog becomes classified by Council as a dangerous dog the following rules apply:

  • Dangerous Dogs must be enclosed in such a way that they cannot freely leave the premises and pose no danger to authorised persons and others who enter the property to visit the resident or  read utility meters;
  • A dangerous dog must be muzzled and kept restrained while outside its enclosure. The animal may be seized and impounded if this requirement is not complied with;
  • Signs acceptable to the authorised person warning of the presence of a dangerous dog must befixed to all entrances of the dog's enclosure.

The following breeds of dogs are prohibited in the Barcaldine Regional Council area:

  •  American Pit Bull Terrier
  • The Dogo Argentino
  • The Fila Brasileiro
  • The Tosa (Japenese)

Responsible Cat and Dog Ownership

  • ensure dogs are registered in accordance with Local Laws
  • keep dogs under effective control in a public place i.e. on a leash, rope or chain
  • person in charge of a dog must clean up faeces
  • dogs on heat are not permitted onto a public place
  • provide a proper enclosure to reduce the risk of escaping or wandering at large
  • avoid nuisances i.e. noise, odour or apprehension in the minds of others of a threat to their health or safety
  • owner must not cause, encourage or permit a dog attack or worry another person or animal
  • provide adequate food, water and space
  • maintain proper standards or cleanliness and hygiene


Any dog found wandering at large in the town area will be impounded, attracting an impoundment fee. This fee will apply regardless of whether the animal resides in the rural or urban zone of the Barcaldine Regional Council. For impounding fees, please refer to Barcaldine Regional Council Fees and Charges (https://www.barcaldinerc.qld.gov.au/downloads/file/2281/2023-2024-register-of-fees-and-charges)


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