Aramac is one of the oldest towns in the central west and steeped in history. Originally known as Marathon, our town was later renamed after Robert Ramsay Mackenzie - the first explored to the area who carved his name (R R Mac) on a tree. The tree was found by the explorer William Landsborough and the name Aramac was born.

Our district was one of the biggest wool producers in Australia but it's the history of our local cattle industry that has made us famous.

The infamous Harry Redford (Captain Starlight) was a drover and cattle duffer who stole cattle from the Aramac area and drove them to South Australia. Among the cattle he stole was a white bull from Bowen Downs which nearly proved to be his undoing.

Harry faced court in Roma, Queensland on cattle stealing charges after the white bull was recognised by staff from Bowen Downs. The story of his daring escapades has been retold in many forms but in Aramac we have our own way of celebrating this historical event. We have a statue of the white bull in Gordon Street and each year visitors can join us on our own droving trip to celebrate our connection to Harry.

The Aramac area is a great region to explore and get off the beaten track. We invite you to visit our unique and wonderful natural attractions such as Lake Dunn, Gray Rock and Horsetailer's Gorge.