Chief Executive Officer, Shane Gray would like to express Council's gratitude to the resdients for their understanding and patience as Council work through the challenges at the current Barcaldine Landfill site and transition to the new site on Yellowjack Road. In order to address the issues, the decision has been made to lock the existing site for residents and open the new transfer station. These fires, especially during complete fire bans, have not only exhausted our staff, volunteers, and firefighters, but have also posed risks to the health and well-being of the community. Additionally, the cost of managing these fires continuously puts a strain on ratepayer funds. It is crucial that we put an end to this problem as it not only risks human life but may also destroy property and livestock. Unfortunately, due to actions of a few individuals we have no choice but to transition to the new site. During this transition, residents will be required to dispose of their waste in the skip bins provided at the new transfer station. For builders and commercial waste, appointments will need to be made with the Council for disposal. These arrangements will remain in place until the new site is fully established to accommodate all waste. Council supervision will be present on-site to monitor waste disposal and provide guidance as needed. The transition to the new site will begin on Monday 8 January 2024 and will be closely monitored. We apologise for any inconvenience caused however, the safety of the community is our priority during this time.

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