Public Consultation

In anticipation of an increasing demand for short-, medium- and long-term accommodation in Barcaldine, Council is considering subdividing and selling its land at Lot 1 SP217689 Bauhinia Street.

Council land


The land has a total area of 25.91 hectares and in addition to its extensive frontage to Bauhinia Street, also has frontage to the Landsborough Highway.  Prior to making any decision as to how this land might be subdivided, Council is seeking input from both its residents and the broader business community, to assist it in determining how th land might be subdivided, and the type and intensity of accommodation that should be developed on the subdivided lots.  If you wish to provide Council with your views ont the future development of this land, please submit  your response to Council.  Email to Post to PO BOX 191, Barcaldine, Qld, 4725.   The closing date for this consultation is COB Friday 10th November 2023.  After Council has considered and reviewed all responses to this public concultation, it will proceed to determine the final form of residential development that is to take place on the land.  Thereafter, portions of the land will be offered for sale, by public tender, in accordance with this determination.  Council looks forward to this consultation.



Published: 27th October 2023