2017 Australia Day Awards recipients




> Citizen of the Year: Tony Walsh, Barcaldine

> Certificate of Appreciation: Sister Rita Connor, Barcaldine
> Certificate of Recognition: Rebecca Plumb, Barcaldine


> Young Citizen of the Year: Thomas Pumpa, Barcaldine

> Certificate of Appreciation – Calum Smith, Barcaldine


> Community Event of the Year: Alpha Branch of Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association, Alpha/Jericho

> Certificate of Recognition and Achievement - St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Parents & Friends Association, Barcaldine


COMMUNITY AWARDS (Alpha/Jericho, Barcaldine, Aramac/Muttaburra)


Volunteer of the Year:
> Delphine Scott - Barcaldine

> Certificate of Recognition – Elizabeth Ferguson, Barcaldine
> Certificate of Recognition – Kaylene Reynolds, Barcaldine


Junior Sports Award:
> Sienna Bettridge, Alpha/Jericho
> Elizabeth Pumpa, Barcaldine
> Tanya James, Aramac/Muttaburra

> Certificate of High Achievement – Rokoko Hunt, Barcaldine
> Certificate of High Achievement – Ashlee Coulton, Aramac/Muttaburra


Cultural Award:
> Milynda Rogers, Alpha/Jericho/Aramac/Muttaburra
> Joanne Taylor, Barcaldine