2023 Budget

Barcaldine Regional Council adopted its 2023 budget at the general meeting held on Tuesday 14 June 2022 with a general rate increase of 4.95%.

Mayor Sean Dillon said: “Council has continued its systematic approach to budget repair in the face of extremely uncertain economic conditions with clear head winds in terms of price increases across the board and massive pressure from an employment attractions and retention perspective.

“Capital Works items have once again been limited to those funded from external sources and focused on improving internal service delivery and asset condition. Plant replacement has also been constrained for the second consecutive year, although some key items of plant have been identified for an upgrade, with an intention to deliver operational efficiencies. This year will see a review of the plant replacement program, firstly from a needs/required jobs basis and then from a term of life perspective to ensure that the future replacement is undertaken with the best interests of future budgets and project requirements.

“The completion of a substantial package of Flood Damage Reconstruction has seen a serious adjustment to council’s cash. In previous budget statements and Annual Reports I have written about the artificial and inflated cash position of council due to the receipt of Flood Damage payments in advance of the reconstruction work being undertaken. We have now predominantly completed the value of the prepayment, presenting our council’s cash position as relatively un-restricted with the exception of Staff Leave Entitlements. The forward projections contained within these budget documents present a significantly enhanced positive trajectory for our cash balances.

“Debt also continues to be paid down, with council on track now to be completely free of debt by 2030. That will return each massive sums of cash to our budget annually. Based on this year’s repayment figure of $610 000 and the total debt balance outstanding, this will see council then return over $3.3 million dollars over 8 years in debt repayments; all of which are budgeted for. Logically this then will provide for a reduction in constrained revenue annually and either provide an enhanced cash position or free cash for necessary expenditure on improving asset conditions and dealing with emergent needs.

“This all draws a line under the initial, strong steps undertaken by this council in undertaking an overhaul of fiscal strategy. Consecutive, substantial General Rate increases along with increases to utility charges have been matched by considerable increases to our Federal Assistant Grant payments as a result of the Methodology Review. Implementing practical and prudent Asset Management Plans will now form the focus for this council as the underpinning financial viability has been improved in a manner to facilitate this.

“Council has entered into a 10 year contract for the provision of urban waste collection in all 5 towns. Part of this process identified several dated collection bins. Council has endorsed a one off 50% discount for a new bin/s to assist both residents and the contractor in the seamless integration of this utility service within council’s operations.

“Pensioner and early payment discounts have been retained. Council has introduced a very small charge for our community facilities, predominantly to offset a portion of the electricity costs which continue to place significant upward pressure on our operational expenses in this field. These charges are substantially smaller than those presented during community consultation, in part due to feedback received. Council also recognises the vital role our community groups play in not only hosting community events but in providing a contribution or seed capital towards asset upgrades across a whole range of community facilities.

“The funding allocation for community events and special celebrations has been maintained, albeit with a slightly different application process and council’s stated position of preferring to resource events directly as well as ensuring our funds are used to support the groups with most direct need.”

2023 RATES AND UTILITY CHARGES (previous year amounts in brackets)

Total minimum residential rates increases per annum will be:
Alpha and Jericho Towns - $66.00
Aramac and Muttaburra Towns - $62.00
Barcaldine Town - $66.00

General Rates - per annum – minimum rate
Alpha Town - $577 ($549)
Jericho Town - $551 ($523)
Aramac Town - $498 ($470)
Muttaburra Town - $477 ($449)
Barcaldine Town - $615 ($587)
Rural Residential - $615 ($587)
Rural Areas - $533 minimum rate ($508)

Sewerage Charge - per annum
Per household - $726 ($710)

Water Charge - per annum
Alpha and Jericho - $757 ($742)
Aramac and Muttaburra - $581 ($570)
Barcaldine - $759 ($744)
Excess Water Charges – Nil (Nil)

Waste Charge - per annum
Waste Management Charge - $102 ($100)
Refuse Collection Charge - $230 ($225)

Pensioner Concession
Pensioners will continue to receive a 30% Council rebate on rates with a maximum Council rebate of $427 ($419).

Council provides a 100% concession on general rates and a 50% concession on water rates for local non-profit community groups.


Major Projects
Roads and Streets upgrades - $2,088,000
Flood Damage repairs - $7,200,000
Barcaldine Renewable Zone - $1,000,000
Water Infrastructure upgrades - $1,075,000
Sewerage Treatment Plant Upgrades - $752,000

Community Costs
Parks and Gardens - $1,363,000
Public Amenities - $336,000
Libraries - $287,000
Swimming Pools - $589,000
Sport & Recreation Facilities - $724,000
Halls, Museums and Galleries - $308,000
Cultural Activities - $75,000
Community Events and Donations - $244,000
Cemeteries - $105,000
Disaster and Emergency Management – $105,000

Services Costs
Water Supply - $786,000
Sewerage - $459,000
Waste Management - $525,000
Aged and Disability Care Services - $2,556,000
Banks and Post Office - $252,000 (net)

Economy Costs
Agriculture - $721,000
Tourism - $353,000
Events - $184,000
Planning and Building - $204,000

Transport Costs
Town Streets maintenance - $650,000
Rural Roads maintenance - $2,000, 000
National and State Roads – maintenance and upgrades - $15,250,000
Airports - $268,000

Local Community Projects
Alpha Showground’s Upgrades
Jericho Showground’s Upgrades
Aramac Showground’s Upgrades
Muttaburra Showground’s Upgrades
Barcaldine Showground’s Upgrades
Regional Town Beautification
Aramac Harry Redford Centre Air Conditioning
Aramac Swimming Pool upgrade
Alpha Murals Restoration
Muttaburra Swimming Pool upgrade
Sculpture Trail Public Rest Areas
Barcaldine Rec Park Shade over deck
Barcaldine Town Hall Renovations

For further information please contact:

Mayor Sean Dillon
Telephone: 0427 700 958 | Email: mayor@barc.qld.gov.au

Chief Executive Officer Shane Gray
Telephone: 0475 444 101 | Email: shaneg@barc.qld.gov.au


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