2022 Budget 

Barcaldine Regional Council adopted its 2022 budget at the general meeting held on Wednesday 16 June 2021 with a general rate increase of 5.92%.

Mayor Sean Dillon said: “The rise in general rates this year will be substantial, although in reality there are properties whose rates will decrease and others who will experience a percentage increase much higher than the average. This is directly due to the disparity in valuations received from the State’s most recent land revaluation and affects both rural and urban ratepayers.”

“Given the recent continued slide in cash on hand, Council has also continued its closer examination of the underlying structural issues with the budget. Sewerage and Waste Utility Services were both identified as services where the revenue is severely out of step with expenditure. The rise for these utilities is to address this and eliminate the haemorrhaging of money for both operations and capital replacement. Water charges are currently keeping pace with expenditure and the rise in charges here will be in line with the statewide cost index. “

“Council by no means took the decision to increase lightly, and several months were spent examining all options, some of which were also enacted such as plant replacement deferral, cancellation of new plant requirements and the extension of a cost of services review with the assistance of the Queensland Treasury Corporation. The steps taken have been pursued to ensure that we are doing our part to ensure the medium to long term viability of the Regional Council. Local government generally is facing an uncertain future on a revenue front and it is important that prudent fiscal measures are employed to protect community assets, the local economy and the health and safety of all residents.”

2022 RATES AND UTILITY CHARGES (previous year amounts in brackets)
Total minimum residential rates increases per annum will be:
Alpha and Jericho Towns - $75.60
Aramac and Muttaburra Towns - $124.20
Barcaldine Town - $126.00

General Rates - per annum – minimum rate
Alpha Town - $549 ($524)
Jericho Town - $523 ($498)
Aramac Town - $470 ($445)
Muttaburra Town - $449 ($424)
Barcaldine Town - $587 ($562)
Rural Residential - $587 ($562)
Rural Areas - $508 minimum rate ($479)

Sewerage Charge - per annum
Per household - $710 ($652)

Water Charge - per annum
Alpha and Jericho - $742 ($726)
Aramac and Muttaburra - $570 ($558)
Barcaldine - $744 ($730)
Excess Water Charges – Nil (Nil)

Waste Charge - per annum
Waste Management Charge - $100 ($87)
Refuse Collection Charge - $225 ($195)

Pensioner Concession
Pensioners will continue to receive a 30% Council rebate on rates with a maximum Council rebate of $419 ($411).

Council provides a 100% concession on general rates and a 50% concession on water rates for local non-profit community groups.

Major Projects
Roads and Streets upgrades - $2,252,000
Flood Damage repairs - $31,372,000
The Globe Tourist Lookout - $1,375,000
Water Infrastructure upgrades - $1,950,000
Sewerage Treatment Plant Upgrades - $2,322,000

Community Costs
Parks and Gardens - $1,303,000
Public Amenities - $220,000
Libraries - $300,000 
Swimming Pools - $565,000 
Sport & Recreation Facilities - $648,000
Halls, Museums and Galleries - $202,000
Cultural Activities - $67,000
Community Events and Donations - $295,000
Cemeteries - $117,000
Disaster and Emergency Management – $108,000

Services Costs
Water Supply - $801,000
Sewerage - $566,000
Waste Management - $512,000
Aged and Disability Care Services - $2,448,000
Banks and Post Office - $309,000 (net)

Economy Costs
Agriculture - $576,000 
Tourism - $411,000
Events - $258,000
Planning and Building - $187,000

Transport Costs
Town Streets maintenance - $650,000
Rural Roads maintenance - $1,350,000
National and State Roads – maintenance and upgrades - $13,830,000
Airports - $300,000

Local Community Projects
Alpha Men’s Shed Awning
Alpha Tourism Gates
Aramac Caravan Park upgrade
Muttaburra Recreation Ground Camping
Muttaburra Hall Airconditioning
Sculpture Trail Stopping Bays
Barcaldine Village Green Lighting
Barcaldine Swimming Pool upgrade

For further information please contact: 
Mayor – Sean Dillon:    0427 700 958
CEO – Anna Scott:        07 4651 5625

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