Barcaldine Recreation Park

The Barcaldine Rec Park is a 1.1km long lake built in compliance with International and Australian water skiing standards and designed for a wide range of water sports.  It will encourage broad community participation through the provision of wide-ranging activities like water skiing, rowing, fishing (it will be stocked with fish for competition and recreation events), sailing, dragon boat racing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, triathlons, open water swimming, canoeing and kayaking.  The potential range of activities provides opportunities for participation for a broad range of people across the community - men, women, boys and girls, across the entire age of the population from 5 to 105.  

This facility will significantly broaden the scope of local sporting and recreational activities on offer and provide the opportunity for communities across the region to be involved and provide an area where families and communities come together with an emphasis on fun and participation rather than competition.  The facility is approximately 1km from the Barcaldine town centre so it is in easy walking distance for the local community and will provide large areas for cars and trailer parking.  This project meets a strong regional need for a year-round water infrastructure facility and will allow grassroots community sport and recreation clubs to grow across the region by providing a purpose-built site with first-class facilities where they can participate in water based activities all year round.  

Please click on the link below for the Barcaldine Rec Park Operations Management Plan: 

Barcaldine Rec Park Operations Management Plan

Operational information

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