Self Drive 4 Wheel Drive Tours

Barcaldine to Jericho via Narbethong Road approx. 128km

This scenic drive begins in Barcaldine at the Landsborough Highway and includes many great photographic opportunities

  • Follow the Landsborough Highway, travelling towards Blackall for 26km.
  • Turn left into Narbethong Road and travel 60km to the T-intersection of the Jericho and Blackall Roads.
  • At the T-intersection turn left onto the Blackall-Jericho Road and travel 42km into Jericho on a combination of bitumen and dirt road.

Highlights: On the right, 9.2km out of Barcaldine is a Botanical walk. You are likely to see kangaroos, emus and a variety of birdlife and wildflowers in August and September.

Jericho to Aramac via Lake Dunn approx. 146km

This is a scenic drive, mostly dirt road, travelling through local cattle properties

  • Begin in Jericho and travel 0.2km on the highway towards Barcaldine where you cross the railway and turn right into the Jericho-Aramac Road.
  • Continue straight ahead on the Jericho-Aramac Road for approximately 53km.
  • At the T-intersection turn left and continue on the Jericho-Aramac Road for approximately 26km to the Ballyneety Road on the right.
  • (If you would like to continue to Aramac instead of going to Lake Dunn, follow the Jericho-Aramac Road for approximately 66km and then turn left onto Eastmere Road, travel for 7km before arriving at Aramac).
  • Travel along the Ballyneety Road for approximately 60km and then turn right onto Eastmere Road.
  • Travel along Eastmere Road for 7km and you will arrive at Lake Dunn on your left.

Highlights: Lake Dunn, Barbed Wire Sculptures and the White Station Healing Circle and Jump Up. You are likely to see a variety of birdlife including emus, wedge-tail eagles, brolgas, plain turkeys, deer, kangaroos, camels and much more.

ImageAramac to Gray Rock and Horsetailer's Gorge approx. 47.5km

  • Travel 7km east out of Aramac along Eastmere Road (Lake Dunn Road).
  • Turn right onto the Jericho-Aramac Road and travel approximately 40km to the Gray Rock turn off on your left.
  • Gray Rock is located about 500 meters down this road.
  • Horsetailer's Gorge is on your right, a further 1.2km along the Jericho-Aramac Road from the Gray Rock turn off.

NOTE: this is a private property called Gray Rock - go past the mail box and continue until you reach the historic site.

Lake Dunn to Muttaburra via Bowen Downs approx. 191km

Begin at Lake Dunn - 67km north-east of Aramac along the Lake Dunn Road

  • Travel south-west on Eastmere Road towards Aramac for 2.5km.
  • Turn right onto Marshall Road (this has a Heritage Trail sign) and travel approximately 22km and turn left onto Reedy Creek Road.
  • Continue on Reedy Creek Road for approximately 92km and then turn right into the Torrens Creek Road.
  • Continue for approximately 20km then turn left onto the Bowen Downs Road.
  • Continue for approximately 47km then turn right onto the Aramac-Muttaburra Road.
  • Turn right into the Aramac-Muttaburra Road and you will reach Muttaburra after 8km.

Highlights: This a scenic drive where you will see the diverse landscapes of the region and the historic property Bowen Downs. You will travel through cattle and sheep country, as well as areas where there is an abundance of wildlife with many photographic opportunities.

Muttaburra to Longreach

There are two options to travel from Muttaburra to Longreach

Crossmoor Road or Alternative Route Road approx. 124km

  • Crossmoor Road begins 8km on the eastern side of Muttaburra on the Aramac-Muttaburra Road.
  • There is a sign - Alternative Road to Longreach.
  • Crossmoor Road is all dirt and due to the channels and flood plains may be closed in wet weather.

Cramsie Road approx. 124km

  • Travel west through Muttaburra down Bruford Street (which is also the Muttaburra-Hughenden Road) for 2km.
  • Just after the airport, turn left into Cramsie Road.
  • The total distance from Muttaburra to Longreach is 124km, which includes 30km of intermittent dirt and 94km of bitumen.