Sale of Plant by Barcaldine Regional Council

Offers are invited for the purchase of the following plant from Council:
1 x Caterpillar 140M
1 x Mitsubishi FK600 - Dual Cab with Vehicle Mounted Crane
1 x Toyota 2WD Hilux with an XL Body
1 x Dolly – J Smith and Sons 2008
1 x Dolly – J Smith and Sons 2011
1 x Vermeer 1800 Turbo Two Wood Chipper

Plant will be available for inspection at the Barcaldine Depot by appointment only.
All Plant will be sold in an ‘as is condition’ and will continue to be used until the new plant arrives.
All of the plant will be unregistered prior to the release of the plant.
Quotations close at 12 noon Friday 1 November 2019 by one of the following:
Barcaldine Regional Council

  • PO Box 191 Barcaldine 4725
  • 67 Elm Street Barcaldine 4725
  • Fax: 07 46511 778

Published: 16th October 2019