Harry Redford Drive is back in 2024

2024 Hary Redford Cattle Drive

Save your seat now on the Outbacks most iconic cattle drive riding as part of a real cattle drive, tailing 500 head of cattle with experienced Outback drivers who will guide you along a 160km route.  The Aramac District is a land of adventure and excitement situated in the middle of Queensland, this district has picturesque natural freshwater lakes and everychanging breathtaking countryside.  Imagine wide horizons, desert rangelands, escarpments and open Mitchell Grass downs.   There is nothing to rival this as you journey through the spectcualr outback, camping under the stars and swapping yarns around the campfire.   Book your package now for the experience of a  lifetime.  Go to https:/harryredford.com.au.


Published: 7th July 2023