2022 Get Gardening Competition - Announcement of award winners

Barcaldine Regional Council is proud to officially announce the award recipients for the 2022 Get Gardening Competition at the Get Gardening Expo in Muttaburra.

Congratulations to the following recipients:


Class 1: Best Regional Garden

Regional winner: Lionel and Margaret Walsh  

Class 2: Best Town Garden

Alpha winner: Darren and Jennifer Thorn   
Barcaldine winner: Lionel and Margaret Walsh 
Barcaldine runner up: Paris Cox
Aramac winner: Maryanne and Tim Boyd
Aramac runner up: John Lillico
Muttaburra winner: Pearl Langdon
Muttaburra runner up: Shelly Bird

Class 3: Best Rural Garden

Regional winner: Glenn and Emma Price
Regional runner up: Josie Zahl

Class 4: Best Edible Garden

Regional winner: Michael and Christine Waugh
Regional runner up: Muttaburra State School

Class 5: Best Seniors' Garden

Alpha winner: Josie Zahl
Barcaldine winner: Lionel and Margaret Walsh
Barcaldine runner up: David and Elaine Harvey
Aramac winner: John Lillico
Muttaburra winner: Pearl Langdon

Class 6: Best Non-Residential Garden

Regional winner: Aramac PHC
Regional runner up: Muttaburra State School 

Class 7: Best Front Garden/Footpath

Jericho winner: Glady Gifford
Barcaldine winner: David and Elaine Harvey
Barcaldine runner up: Lionel and Margaret Walsh
Aramac winner: Jack Yourell
Aramac runner up: Maryanne and Tim Boyd

Class 8: Best First Time Entry

Regional winner: Paris Cox
Regional runner up: John Lillico

Highly commendable

Gabrielle Doherty
Peter Horton
Margit Hohmann
Year 2 & 3 Barcaldine Prep-12 State School
Muttaburra State School

Thank you to all the entrants in this year's competition.  You can see a short video of the gardens during judging here.

Published: 10th September 2022