Public notice: Interruptions to Barcaldine town water supply

Residents of Barcaldine are advised that Council will be conducting maintenance on town water mains to improve water quality from Friday 11 September to Monday 14 September 2020.  Additional days may be added to the program of works and this information will be advised.

The program of works will be conducted between the hours of 7.00am and 5.00pm and Oak Street will be serviced on Sunday 13 September 2020.

There will be interruptions to water supply during this time. It is our intention with this program to limit the time without water to 2-3 hours.

The internal taps should not be turned on whilst the supply to your premises is disrupted.

At the completion of the cleaning program when the water supply resumes, you may notice that the water is milky looking. This is not harmful. It is only air bubbles trapped in the water and it will come clear after a short period.

Please ensure you have sufficient drinking water during this time.  

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Barcaldine Administration Office on 07 4651 5600. 

Published: 10th September 2020