Department of Agriculture and Fisheries - $uccessful $upplementation

This workshop will help you to manage your pasture and supplement throughout the season and develop a nutrition management plan for your property.

Topics covered include:

  • Practical cattle nutrition
  • Cattle nutritional requirements
  • Reading supplement labels
  • Understanding supplement ingredients
  • Cost analysis of supplements
  • Feeding management
  • Animal health and welfare considerations

Experienced presenters from DAF:

  • Mick Sullivan (DAF) Mick is a Beef Extension Officer with extensive experience in beef cattle breeding and genetics, nutrition, grazing management and beef business analysis.
  • Kylie Hopkins (DAF) Kylie is a Beef Extension Officer with a broad knowledge of grazing land management and pasture and forage production systems.
  • Cindy McNaught (DAF) Cindy is a Beef Extension Officer with experience in livestock biosecurity systems and animal welfare.

We will supply:

  • Smoko & lunch
  • Land type report
  • Supplement assessments
  • Property nutrition management plan
  • Herd management calendar
  • Lick intake calculator
  • Workshop notes

Please bring labels and information on lick products you are currently feeding:

  • Specs for protein, energy and phosphorus
  • Cost per tonne including freight
  • Class of cattle being fed
  • How much lick cattle are eating

At registration you will be asked for your PIC number. This will be used to generate your property land type report.

RSVP Thursday 21st October via

Date: 29th October 2021

Location: Alpha Golf Club
Dryden Street,
Alpha QLD 4724

Cost: Free

Time: 09:00 - 14:00