Australia Day Awards recipients

2016 Australia Day Awards recipients



Citizen of the Year: Kaylene Reynolds, Barcaldine


Young Citizen of the Year: Emily Gleeson, Alpha


Community Event of the Year: Muttaburra Remembers WW1


COMMUNITY AWARDS (Alpha/Jericho, Barcaldine, Aramac/Muttaburra)


Volunteer of the Year:
Jill Williams, Barcaldine

Certificate of Appreciation: Darren Kruse, Aramac /Muttaburra
Certificate of Appreciation: Adam and Jennifer Russell, Aramac/Muttaburra


Senior Sports Award:
Zoe Halls, Alpha/Jericho
Jacob O’Dell, Barcaldine Junior Award
Korina Fisher, Aramac/Muttaburra

Highly Commended for Contribution and Dedication: Joelene Gleeson-Seeds, Alpha/Jericho


Junior Sports Award:
Joel Halls, Alpha/Jericho
Alisha Woods, Barcaldine
Britney Hannay, Aramac/Muttaburra

Highly Commended for Sportsmanship: Riley O’Dell, Alpha/Jericho