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At its meeting on 27 June 2018, Council resolved to reduce the excess water charges for the
2018 financial year from $1.00 per kilolitre to 60 cents per kilolitre. This sees a reduction in
excess water charges of 40%.

If you are in receipt of an excess water charge invoice for the 2018 financial year, a new
account will be issued with the reduced charge.

All terms for payment will remain the same.

If you have been prompt and already paid your account, a credit will be issued on your rates.

For the 2019 financial year, Council is moving to a two-tier excess water structure for
Barcaldine residents only as follows:-

 Up to 900kl of excess water used will be charged at 39 cents per kilolitre
 Over 900kl of excess water used will be charged at 60 cents per kilolitre

For Alpha and Jericho residents, excess water will be charged at 60 cents per kilolitre.
This is due to the high cost of providing water to these two communities.

Council appreciates that residents make an effort to beautify our communities. However we
also encourage residents to use water wisely.


Steven Boxall                                                                              PO Box 191
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