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All property owners within the Barcaldine Regional Council are advised that Rate Notices for the period 1st July 2017 to 31st December 2017 will be issued on 18th September 2017. Notices have been issued to the last advised address on Council records and it is the responsibility of the owner to advise Council of any change of address in writing. If any owner has not received their Rate Notice they should contact one of the following Area Offices:-

Alpha Administration Office – 4985 1166

Aramac Administration Office – 4652 9999

Barcaldine Administration Office – 4651 5600

Due date for the payment of rates to apply the discount will be close of business on Monday, 23rd October 2017. Under no circumstances will discount be allowed after the discount date.

Please allow 3 (three) business days for BPay payments.

PO Box 191                                                                            DES HOWARD
BARCALDINE QLD 4725                                                      CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER