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Flowers in the Dust Flowers in the Dust

Botanical watercolour paintings by Jenifer Mace
Botanical text by William Greena nd Martina Dexter

The Desert Uplands region is sandwiched between the brigalow belt to the east and the Mitchell grass downs to the west. Astride the Great Dividing Range and comprising four percent of Queensland's land surface, it is a region of eroded sandstone plateaus and extensive sand plains. Little known until recent land use controversies thrust it into the limelight, the Desert Uplands support an abundant diversity of flora.

'Flowers in the Dust' honours the region's botanical heritage through the exquisite watercolour paintings of Barcaldine artist Jenny Mace. Jenny's work vividly demonstrates that there is beauty and significance to be found in the flowers that grow in the Desert's dust.

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This book is available from: Alpha Administration Office, Jericho Post Office, Barcaldine Administration Office, Barcaldine Visitor Information Centre, Aramac Administration Office and Muttaburra Administration Office

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