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About Barcaldine Region

Barcaldine Regional Council would like to thank those who have contributed images of our region; Deanne Chetty, Peter & Isobel Gough, Louise Gronold, Bruce Hutchinson and Aaron Skinn.

The Barcaldine Region is located in central west Queensland approximately 440km west of Rockhampton, covering an area of 53,677 sq km with an estimated population of 3,503 people.

The Regional Council is made up of the former Shires of Aramac, Barcaldine and Jericho including the towns of Alpha, Aramac, Barcaldine, Jericho and Muttaburra.

The Region is one of the largest cattle producing regions in Central Western Queensland and also has a productive sheep, wool and macropod harvesting industry with the prospect of mining.

To discover what our region has to offer, download the Barcaldine Regional Council Tourism Brochure by clicking on the link.

From Rockhampton - 440km
From Longreach - 247km
From Townsville - 768km
From Brisbane - 1063km
From Rockhampton - 493km
From Longreach - 194km
From Townsville - 732km
From Brisbane - 1116km
From Rockhampton - 580km
From Longreach - 107km
From Townsville - 630km
From Brisbane - 1050km
From Mt Isa - 755km
From Rockhampton - 645km
From Longreach - 171km
From Townsville - 540km
From Brisbane - 1130km
From Rockhampton - 730km
From Longreach - 124km
From Townsville - 544km
From Brisbane - 1224km
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